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immersive realities

Immerea is an interactive media company based in Vienna, focusing on the development of video games and virtual installations.

Vienna, Austria

With Immerea, we are inte­rested in expe­ri­men­ting with immersive media and game as a medium with the aim of exploring, deve­lo­ping and providing new ways of percep­tion and inter­ac­tion. By dealing with philo­so­phical and socio-spatial theories, our work explores virtual spaces with the interest in genera­ting alter­na­tive forms of story­tel­ling and inter­ac­ti­vity beyond anthropo­centric binaries and representation.


Colla­bo­ra­tions, events

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Immerea is growing!

We are now a team of 5 people


Manuel and Flavia from Immerea Studio are now co-orga­ni­zers of XRVienna

FH Wien WS 21/22

Exchange with students from the Institute for “Inter­ac­tive media and games business” of the FH Wien

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Confe­rences, symposiums

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With Immerea, we are inte­rested being active in the academic discourse in a bridge between theory and practice. Our research deals with games, philo­sophy and socio-spatial theories with focus on virtual spaces in VR.

17.11.2022 | Conference
“Playing the Field III”
Munich, DE

13.05.2022 | Congress
“IMD 2022”
GBS St. Gallen, CH

16.03.2022 | Forum
“Online Forum”
FH St. Pölten, AT

04.03.2022 | Conference
“Culture at Play”
Uni Freiburg, DE

04.02.2022 | Conference
Univer­sity of Aveiro, PT

Garden of Akori

VR game | begin 06.2021

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Social VR Game

"Garden of Akori" is a multiplayer sandbox and exploration game in VR dealing with a new materialist notion of energy and matter, where you interact with abstract digital organisms in a mysterious world. The game focuses on creativity, perception and social interaction.

“Garden of Akori” is made possible with the support of aws Creative Impact.


Abstract, Digital, Data, Organic, Complex



Social | Creative

Meet, explore and create together in virtual space



About us

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An inter­di­sci­pli­nary team merging the areas of media art, archi­tec­ture and programming.

Manuel Bonell

Flavia Mazzanti

Michael Bonell

Manuel Bonell

Project Manage­ment and Art

Manuel is an artist and architect based in Vienna. He is inte­rested in proce­dural animation and design, inter­ac­tive instal­la­tions and virtual reality.

Flavia Mazzanti

Concept and Research

Flavia is an artist and architect based in Vienna. Her work ranges from archi­­tec­­tural-philo­­so­­phical theories to media art and expe­ri­mental filmmaking.

Michael Bonell

Programming and IT

Michael is a versatile programmer living in Graz. His latest projects are focused in the fields of media art, game and web development.


We are looking for a enthu­si­astic and motivated person with expe­ri­ence in game deve­lo­p­ment who can help us with various projects in the areas of game deve­lo­p­ment, gami­fi­ca­tion, and virtual installations.
Download job description

Former Employees: Leander Edler-Golla (2021–22), Lucas Czer­no­horsky (2022)


Social media | Email

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